About Us


Located in No. 304 Vo Nguyen Giap, opposite the superb My Khe beach. We cannot talk about Danang without thinking of an extremely beautiful beaches. This location is outstandingly known as a young new city with a long coastline, white sand and blue. Visit Da Nang without coming to beaches means never visiting here. Visit Danang without coming to Adamo also means you missed an interesting pleasure in this city.

With 106 rooms designed in modern style and harmonized between colors, equipment and space; all of these create a profound impression for visitors. A lot of rooms have a spectacular view to the sea and this is also a “bait” that Adamo would like to “release” for visitors. Let’s imagine the feeling of watching dawn on the coastline from the freshness room or narrative genre in the gloaming by the window is also an interesting experience.

Moreover, infinity pool also “scores a goal” for visitors in the terrace, when viewing from afar, the blue of the pool is a blue of the beach. In addition, one restaurant, two bars and one spa will satisfy all requirements “eat-play-dance” of visitors.

 “Travel Da Nang, vist Adamo”, an Adamo friend said. In their point of view, Adamo does not only own the interesting things mentioned above, it is also in the “hearts” of all staff here.

With the message of "live like your house", our staff members treat guests as their relatives and create a warm family at Adamo! It is probably "love charms" that Adamo wants its guests to never forget.

So having chance to come to Da Nang? Do you want to visit Adamo?!